All Graduates Supported Languages for Remote Interpreting

All Graduates offer an extensive range of language services designed to meet the diverse needs of New Zealand’s multicultural population. With services available in languages from Aceh to Zulu, individuals can easily access support in their preferred language through two convenient delivery methods for remote interpreting: telephone and video.

Understanding Service Types

  • Pre-Booked: Both telephone and video services can be pre-booked, allowing users to schedule sessions at their convenience. This is perfect for planned appointments or meetings where language assistance is anticipated. We also recommend to pre-book remote interpreting for long sessions beyond 30 minutes and in particular languages where availability is limited such as Bislama and Gujarati. We also recommend this for the continuity with a previously booked interpreter.
  • On-Demand During Business Hours: For immediate needs during standard operating hours, on-demand services provide quick access to language support without the need for pre-booking.
  • On-Demand 24/7: Around-the-clock access to language services ensures that urgent communication needs are met at any time, day or night, offering unparalleled flexibility and support.

How to Book

For more information and to book pre-booked or on-demand interpreting, please contact us via

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE Delivery Method (Onsite - Subject to availability and location) Delivery Method (Telephone) Delivery Method (Video)
Languages Available via Delivery Method are subject to change.
Please check the website regularly or contact us at for more information.
Last Updated Date: 1 March 2024

These language services reflect All Graduates commitment to cultural inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to communicate effectively, regardless of their language preference and background.