• Reduce the cost of delivering standard pieces of information
  • Simplify engagements and enhance relationships with  low literacy and non-English speaking clients
  • Empower your organisation to connect with clients in a language they understand
  • Initiate communications with CALD clients prior to engaging an interpreter


LiME enhances your ability to engage with clients.


LiME benefits every level of your organisation

  • Reduce language barriers without expensive training
  • Easily empower staff to meet their legal requirements
  • Ensure parity of meaning for complex messages
  • Address gaps in linguistic ability in your clients

Communication doesn’t need to be intimidating.

Build trust, loyalty and increase community engagement with LiME.
<small>WE MAKE IT EASY</small>


LiME works in 4 easy steps

Step 1 Select your languages

Audio in the languages you need

With over 100 languages to choose from, we’re sure to get your message across.


<small>WE CREATE</small>


You choose how it sounds

You can select from:




All our voice artists are living, breathing humans – native speakers who bring a personal touch to all your communications.


(They’ll even sing Happy Birthday if you like!)

Recorded in a custom-built studio

High quality audio for you and your clients.
Everything we translate and record receives two rounds of independent verification to ensure accuracy.
<small>YOUR MESSAGES</small>

Step 2 Upload your content

LiME uses your existing documents

You don’t need to reformat your files, engage a copywriter, edit your brochures, rewrite your content, proofread your rewrites, prototype interfaces, design navigation menus, create scripted text…
<small>WE ♥ DOCS/ DOCX/ PDFS</small>

Simply upload your chosen content and we do the rest!

Don’t waste any time.
With the click of a button, upload to us and we handle the entire process.


Step 3 Verify your script

Expertly Adapted

Our professional writers transcribe your documents, no matter whether they’re brochures, marketing communications, announcement or instructions.

Verifying your newly crafted audio-script is as easy as ticking a few boxes.

<small>YOUR CONTENT</small>

On any channel

Your audio-script is written to ensure that your messages suit all delivery channels:
  • shareable audio links over chat / mobile apps / social networks
  • interactive telephone information lines
  • audio in your PDFs
<small>TRANSLATED AUDIO</small>

Step 4 Log into your dashboard and use your audio

Audio wherever you want it

  • Integrate with your company portal / app / website
  • Generate shareable links to all of your content
  • Share on messaging apps (whatsapp, wechat, facebook messenger, etc)
  • SMS audio links
  • Publish audiograms
  • Scheduled content publishing
  • and many more features…
<small>AT YOUR FINGERTIPS</small>

LiME includes

  •  Windows, Mac O/S and Linux compatible
  • Android and iPhone compatible
  • Serve content across every channel you use
  • Unlimited traffic

Subscriptions starting from 120 minutes of content!

<small>EASY AND EFFECTIVE</small>

LiME is cloud based!

We host your content, serve your audio, and manage all revisions, so your
communications work wherever and whenever you need them.




Our evolving feature list includes…

  • Professionally written audio scripts
  • Native speakers
  • Accents and dialects may be specified
  • All content receives independent verification to ensure parity of meaning
  • All recordings performed in a studio environment
  • Additions and modifications available at any time
  • HTML5
  • Platform agnostic
  • Unlimited bandwidth for content serving (both audio and video)
  • Client managed content
  • Scheduling of content release
  • Shareable links to all content
  • Dynamic page generation
  • Responsive web pages
  • Android and Apple compatible
  • Windows, Mac O/S and Linux compatible
  • Serve content across messaging apps
  • Generate audiograms with custom branding
  • Easily share audiograms across social media
  • YouTube publishing
  • Customised client-side websites available


Why Do We Love LiME?

LiME is about communication.


We have been helping people break through language barriers for 30 years.

We’re all about making communication easy and accessible to everyone.