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All Graduates | 2 Dec 2023

CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse)

CALD stands for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities. This term is used to refer to groups of people within a society who come from various cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds. CALD communities encompass individuals and families with diverse heritage, languages, traditions, and customs.

The CALD community in New Zealand includes people from Maori and Pacific Islander backgrounds, as well as immigrants and refugees from countries such as China, India, the Philippines, Korea, South Africa, the Middle East, and many others. These communities bring diverse languages, traditions, religions, and cultural practices to the country.

Discover how advancements in technology are not only breaking down language barriers but also fostering inclusion and empowerment within CALD communities.

Language Diversity in New Zealand

New Zealand boasts remarkable linguistic diversity, encompassing over 160 distinct languages spoken across the nation. Auckland, in particular, stands out as one of the globe’s most culturally diverse cities, witnessing the daily use of over 150 languages among its populace, representing a mosaic of more than 100 ethnicities. This rich tapestry of languages is the product of immigration from various European, Asian, and Pacific Island nations, each contributing a multitude of linguistic traditions.

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All Graduates NZ Articles - Language Diversity in New Zealand

As per the 2018 census, New Zealand counted 946,275 multilingual individuals, constituting 20.6% of respondents proficient in at least one language. The Auckland region stood at the forefront with 30.9%, closely followed by Wellington at 21.2%. While English and Te Reo Māori remain the most prevalent languages, Samoan, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, French, and Cantonese boast significant speaker communities.

This diverse linguistic landscape mirrors New Zealand’s multicultural essence, offering opportunities for cultural exchange while simultaneously presenting the nation with unique challenges to embrace and support this varied linguistic tapestry.

LIME Multilingual Messaging System by All Graduates

The LIME Multilingual Messaging System by All Graduates serves as a pivotal tool in supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, addressing the critical need for effective communication across languages and cultural barriers.

Accessibility to essential services is crucial for CALD individuals, and the LIME system plays a significant role in ensuring that they can readily access information and engage with service providers in their preferred languages. By offering real-time multilingual communication capabilities, LIME enables seamless interactions between service providers, institutions, and CALD communities, regardless of language differences.

All Graduates NZ Articles - LIME Multilingual Messaging

This innovative system facilitates clear and accurate communication in various sectors, including healthcare, emergency services, government agencies, education, and more. CALD individuals can benefit from immediate access to interpreters, translated materials, and support services through the LIME platform, ensuring that they receive accurate information and assistance tailored to their cultural and linguistic needs.

Moreover, LIME enhances efficiency by streamlining communication processes, reducing potential misunderstandings, and enabling faster responses to inquiries or emergencies within CALD communities. Its user-friendly interface and versatile features empower service providers to deliver culturally sensitive and inclusive support, fostering trust and collaboration with CALD individuals.

Ultimately, the LIME Multilingual Messaging System stands as a bridge that narrows communication gaps, promotes inclusivity, and empowers CALD communities by ensuring equitable access to vital services and information in their preferred languages. All Graduates’ commitment to facilitating effective multilingual communication contributes significantly to building stronger and more connected communities.

Revolutionizing Language Services: The Power of Technology

Advancements in technology play an indispensable role in elevating language services, fostering seamless communication, and breaking linguistic barriers. The modern landscape of language services technology has evolved significantly to meet the demands of a globalized world, amplifying the presence and impact of businesses across diverse cultural settings.

Technology plays a crucial role in assisting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in various ways:

1. Language Accessibility

Technology enables the development of translation apps, multilingual websites, and software that facilitate communication in diverse languages. These tools bridge the language gap, allowing CALD individuals to access information, services, and resources in their preferred language.

2. Telehealth and Telecommunications

Telehealth services and video conferencing platforms equipped with language interpretation features allow CALD individuals to communicate with healthcare providers, counselors, or government agencies in their native languages. This ensures better access to healthcare and essential services.

3. Education and E-Learning

Technology facilitates e-learning platforms with multilingual support, aiding CALD students in accessing educational resources and courses in their native languages. This promotes inclusive learning environments and equal educational opportunities.

4. Community Engagement

Social media and online forums create spaces for CALD communities to connect, share experiences, and access support networks. These platforms foster community engagement and enable the exchange of cultural knowledge and information.

5. Digital Access to Information

Online information repositories, government websites, and mobile applications offer multilingual interfaces and information, ensuring that CALD individuals have equitable access to important resources and services.

6. Employment Opportunities

Technology enables remote work, freelancing, and online job platforms, opening up employment opportunities for CALD individuals who might face language barriers in traditional workplace settings.

7. Cultural Preservation

Digital platforms aid in preserving and sharing cultural heritage, languages, and traditions of CALD communities, ensuring that these legacies are not lost over time.

This evolution witnesses a harmonious blend of human expertise and automated translation software, resulting in swift and accurate translations. This fusion has empowered companies with more precise interpretations delivered within shorter timeframes. Moreover, technology facilitates the consistent and precise translation of an array of materials—technical documents, software applications, eLearning courses, and product websites—in over 100 languages, catering to the requirements of prominent tech enterprises.

Language technology solutions encompass a wide array of tools such as computer-assisted translation (CAT), translation memory (TM) software, content management systems, translation project management systems, machine translation, and localization tools. Collectively, these tools significantly streamline the translation, localization, and management of foreign language content, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses navigating global markets.

In essence, technology serves as a powerful tool to empower CALD communities by breaking down language barriers, improving access to essential services, fostering inclusivity, and facilitating cultural exchange in an increasingly interconnected world.

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